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M&K Sound Professional monitoring systems have become firm favorites in film and dubbing studios as well as in surround mixing applications.


For smaller suites and more modest budgets, MPS 1611P offers critical listeners precision monitoring for extended periods with extraordinary accuracy and smooth response with no listener fatigue.

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Teljesítmény (mély/középsugárzó): 100 W, 8 Ohm @ 0.02% THD @ 100 Hz

Teljesítmény (magassugárzó): 50 W, 4 Ohm@ 0.02% THD @ 3 kHz

Frekvencia átvitel: 80 Hz – 22 kHz ±3 dB

Kabinet típus: Zárt


– Magassugárzó: 2.5 cm selyem dóm ferrofluid dupla ferrit mágnes

– Mély/középsugárzó: 16.5 cm ultra-lineáris polipropilén

Keresztváltási frekvencia: 1.6 kHz

Érzékenység (variálható): +24 dBu +6 dB: 85 dB SPL @1 m. (-6 dB) to 4 méter (+6 dB)

Érzékenység (Fix):

– 200 mV = 85 dB SPL @ 2 meters, XLR

– 100 mV = 85 dB SPL @ 2 meters, RCA

Mérete: 32 x 21.3 x 30.7 cm

Szin: Fekete szatén

Tömeg:  9.4 kg

MKSound 1611P hangfal

The M&K Sound Professional MPS 1611P is a more compact, less-expensive monitor based on the popular MPS 2510P. The bi-amplified, two-way, near- to-mid-field monitor is suitable for stereo and multichannel applications, is magnetically shielded and can be used with any M&K Sound Professional powered subwoofer.

These little speakers impress instantly, delivering an accurate, tonally neutral sound with natural dynamics and transient detail that combine to make it one of the most revealing two-way available.
Input options are balanced XLR and single-ended phono, both buffered for simultaneous connections.

The tapered bass port can be fitted with a removable plug. With the plug in place, MPS 1611P becomes a sealed-cabinet design, producing even tighter bass, ideal for satellite-subwoofer configurations with one of M&K Sound’s acclaimed powered subwoofers. With the plug removed, MPS 1611P becomes a stand-alone, full-range ported system. Extensive rear panel functions tailor the MPS 1611P’s response for optimal room and system integration.

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The Fixed/Variable gain switch is used in conjunction with the continuously variable gain control. Bass response can be switched between Full Range and Normal which attenuates low frequencies for use with a subwoofer. The 80Hz highpass filter is also useful with a subwoofer without bass management. The LED on the baffle appears brightest to the user when the cabinet is aligned properly relative to the monitoring position. Moderate price, modest footprint and reference level detail and transparency make the MPS 1611P the no-compromise choice for installations with space and/or budgetary constraints.

The MPS 1611P is a compact, high performance bi-amped active two-way, monitor loudspeaker utilizing a 1” polymer coated silk soft-dome, ferrofluid cooled dual-magnet tweeter with specially damped rear chamber, and a 6½” mineral-filled polypropylene cone, magnetically shielded, dual-magnet cast basket woofer. Featuring M&K Sound’s proprietary Phase-Focused™ Crossover with Time domain Analysis, it provides amazing even dispersion of sound throughout a broad listening area with superior imaging and sound quality. Used by many noted Film and Music recording studios worldwide and delivers unparalleled transparency, accuracy, and dynamics while effortlessly handling voices, percussive effects, and musical instruments with life-like impact. Sealed or ported cabinet options as well as full range output or high-pass at 80 Hz.

Available in black satin finish with black cloth grille.

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