M&K Sound – Inventors of the Subwoofer

Anticipating home theater by more than a decade, M&K is recognized as the pioneer and prime innovator in subwoofer design.

We designed a dual-driver subwoofer for Steely Dan’s Pretzel Logic album mixing sessions way back in 1973 and offered the world’s first home subwoofers in 1974. We launched the world’s first integrated satellite/subwoofer system, David and Goliath, in 1976. And in 1977, we introduced the world’s first active (internally powered) subwoofer, the MK Servo Volkswoofer.


No one can match our track record, with nearly four decades of experience in subwoofer innovations, recording studio and Hollywood screening room design.

M&K Sound remains at the cutting edge of music and film sound technology for home entertainment and for the audio professional.


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