MP9 fali hangfal rendszer

MP9 Three-in-One On-Wall Speaker System

The M&K Sound MP9 is a breakthrough product that offers a sophisticated solution to the problem of filling your living space with multiple loudspeakers in order to experience a truly satisfying and convincing surround soundfield. Precision engineered and stylishly crafted, MP9 integrates three completely independent two-way loudspeakers in a single enclosure designed for all-in-one front or rear Left/Center/Right coverage in a potent, yet elegantly unobtrusive surround system.

MKSound MP-9 soundbar 2

Teljesítmény: 3 x 80  W

Érzékenység: 84.5 dB

Frekvencia átvitel: 100 Hz – 20 kHz ±3 dB

Névleges ellenállás: 4 Ω

Mérete:  101,6 × 12,2 × 8,5 cm

Tömeg: 9 Kg

Magasfényű fekete, fekete előlappal
Magasfényű fehér, fehér előlappal

Elegánsan visszafogott 3 csatornás passzív surround rendszer
2.5 cm soft-dome magassugárzó (neodímium mágnessel)

MKSound MP-9 soundbar 3

Available in a High Gloss Black or White finish to please even the most design-conscious interior decorator, the MP9 is fitted with integral keyhole brackets for easy, secure wall mounting. The rear panel also incorporates three removable speaker wire connector blocks (one per channel). Cable ends are screwed to each block which then snaps into place for a tight, concealed, flush-mount connection.

MP9 essentially consists of three M5 loudspeakers assembled in a single low-profile enclosure, with little in common with typical “soundbar” configurations that combine dubious psychoacoustic trickery with cheap drivers to produce an unstable pseudo-surround effect that can only work in a restricted “sweet spot” listening area.

MP9 produces three distinct channels of sound from three distinct loudspeakers, creating a virtually holographic sonic illusion throughout the entire room. In keeping with its pure-bred M&K Sound professional heritage, MP9 performs superbly, delivering uncannily realistic, three dimensional sound, without implementing digital signal processing to artificially simulate a surround effect.

Simply position MP9 at the front and/or rear of the room for a scintillatingly natural surround experience from an ultra-compact threein-one loudspeaker system. In addition to identical high quality audio performance across all three channels, the MP9 is voiced and carefully tuned to match the tonality and timbre of any model in the full M&K Sound range for convenient, flexible system building.


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